First Boss after 16 years

Stevens Vaughn & Rodney Cone Owner of Tutto Bene Resturant XiaMen China

My first Italian restaurant Boss back to Xiamen China probably 16years. 

It was once in my life a great experience and memories can hardly forget it.  

I used to work so hard on the floor at same time learning my English during that times. Finally I was able to work in the kitchen then start slowly to change my career to nowaday to become a Cook. 

Here I would like to take this opportunity to thanks  both  Stevens & Rodney for the great memories  we were working together had so much fun and happiness time.  I have learned my first Italian cooking lessons cooking pizza very day, making bread, baking Apple pie and more… 

There is nothing we can hardly have when we get older only memories & relationships. 

Don’t forget to tell your friends and family how important are they in your life!

Enjoy Cooking & Enjoy Eatting 


Apple Pie


all-purpose flour   250g

Sugar     20g

Salt          a pitch 

Unsalted butter     120g

Fresh egg                  1 nos

Water                        1 tbsp
Apple fuji 4-6nos

Fresh egg               2piece

Cream                        400g

Sugar                            50g

Vanilla pod           1   piece 
Apple crumble 

Sugar   fine                  50g

Unsalted butter             50g

All-purpose flour                 50g

Cinnamon powder             1 small pitch 

1-First pre heat oven to 200°C. 
2-For the dough start a mixing bowl mix flour, butter, salt, sugar well, then mix in egg and  water until form a dough wrap in cling firm  keep in the fridge for good 30 mins, brush the baking cup with soft butter set aside
3-For flan mix egg, cream, sugar and vanilla pod mix well then pass through a fine strainer set on the side
4-For apple crumble   mix all the ingredian well in a mixing bowl then break into a small piece on the plate keep in the fridge 
5-Peeled apple, deseed then cut apple into 6 to 8 pieces of wedges set on the side 
6-Take out apple pie dough then   Roll out the dough according to the size of baking tray make sure dough cannot be too thick or too thin, use fork  poke the dough evenly,   after set in the fridge at least 20mins.  When tart shell is hard then place apple nicely in it   Pour mixture into pastry shell cover the tart with good amount of apple.

7-Bake apple pie in the preheated oven at 200 ‘C . Bake an around 40 mins take out from oven sprinkle apple crumble on the top then put back to oven continue  cook for another 25mins, or until a knife insert apple until is soft. Take out from oven let it cool down before cutting into wedges. Serve with ice cream will be great. 
Enjoy Cooking  &  Enjoy Eatting 



Great experience from this restaurant at little indian SINGAPORE.  

By a good chance had dinner amazing meal tonight, and thanks to the Boss. 

This is one of the dish ‘paper chickens’ 

To me basically is marinated chicken leg with chinese wine and seasoning wrapped in cooking paper. It’s  very tasty and meal is tender. 

Wok Fried shark fin with egg, crab meal and chinese coriander.  Served with iceberg lettuce.

Quite interesting dish, you have to use a piece of iceberg lettuce then put a few spoon full of egg in it then dish some chopped chili into it. 

 Crunch iceberg lettuce filled full of egg, shark fin. Good dish. 

Fried sambal kangkong. 

Simple and good. 
If you have any chance come across to visit  this shop please try it out. 

Average is about $30-$40 Sing dollar
Enjoy Cooking  &  Enjoy Eatting 


Salmon Gravlax

  • 1 piece of fresh salmon (  prefer from New Zealand)
  • 30% of sugar 
  • 70% kosher salt 
  • A lots of peeled lemon skin
  • A lots of peeled orange skin 
  • Chopped shallots 
  • Crushed garlic
  • Thyme 
  • Clove
  • Cinnamon stick 
  • Cushed white peppercorn

Well Mixed all the ingredients then keep on the side for about 3hours before use, so salt will get flavour from the spice and herb

Fillet and clean salmon 

Cover with  salt solution all around salmon 

Wrapped in cling firm 

Keep in the fridge fro about 14 hours to 16hours depending on the size of fillet.  Best results will be inside the flesh pink, solid not too soft.  

Make sure salmon need to be cured enough longer in order to minimise the risk of fillet may get spoil to fast as well to reduce down the bacterias. 

After 14 hours

Wash away salt keep it try then pack in Vaccum Bag with some olive oil and lemon zest.  

Best consume within a week or maximum 2 week. Optional ifyou want to smoked salmon it will taste much better.  

Do not keep in  the freezer. 

Enjoying Cooking 


Duck pate 

  • Duck pate :
  • Duck leg 5.4kg
  • pork belly4.3kg
  • chicken liver 2.2kg
  • duck gizzard (confit inside the duck fat)1.4kg;
  • smoked bacon 788g
  • mushrooms 200g
  • chop thyme and rosemary half cup each;

**cooking timing:180 degree 10mins for colour then 160 degree  about 35mins until inside 52°C

Pate Farce 

Wrapped in the caul fat

Bake in the oven 

Cool dowm then wrapped in the cling firm keep in the fridge.  

Enjoy Cooking 


Vanilla soufflés 

Soufflé recipe 
 recipe for 4 
 1-  brush ramekin cup with soft unsalted butter  then dust with fine sugar set on the side. 
2- make bechamel

10g all purpose flour 

10g butter unsalted 

100ml fresh milk
Melting the butter on the stove over low heat slowly whisk in flour until like a paste it called ‘roux’, then whisk in milk slowly until combined, bring to boil then strain through fine strainer keep on the side cover with plastic film to prevent it from drying. 

3 –  3 nos of eggs  separated  
Beating egg white with a small amount of fine sugar to stiff, then fold in slowly the egg yolk, vanilla pod and 2 tablespoons of bechamel sauce  then pour into raminkin cup bake at preheated oven at 200°C  above for about 12 mins -15mins until golden brown on the top.
Dust with icing sugar before serve
4- you can make some simple chocolate sauce or vanilla sauce to go with soufflés or Icecream.

Enjoy  Cooking